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Transform your life with breathwork


Your path to  physical, mental and emotional wellbeing 




Kind words and deep breaths

- Charlotte, Baia Rituals

"In the days that have followed the session everything has seemed easier, decisions I had been pondering over for months seem obvious, life dreams suddenly seem attainable and the world just seems brighter, as if the fog has been lifted and happiness is gleaming down from everything."

- Employee, Elemis

"The breathwork with Fini was phenomenal and as others have said it just took me to a completely different place. It took me to another level of relaxation, my body felt light and like it had been detoxed."

- Jennie Z

"I can’t say anything but positive comments. We never did a breathing class before and Fini led us all the way. I felt like she took us to another world, I felt more connected to myself than ever. I can’t thank you enough."

- Danielle

"I like the gentle approach to Fini's practice. She encourages you to work within your own capacity and take yourself to your own limits. I feel safe to let go and be enveloped by her nurturing energy. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us."

- Katie R

"I have never switched off like that before and really let my mind relax.. Fini was brilliant and the perfect teacher. She guided me through all the stages in a really professional and supportive manner. I honestly couldn't recommend doing a breathwork session with Fini more."

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Max Strom

To develop the breath is to open the door to transformation

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